Wife-Swap Schemes – Lacy Lennon

Lacy Lennon is hanging out with her husband at home, discussing Lacy’s cousin and her husband David Lee. Lacy isn’t sure how she feels about the fact that David and his wife are in an open relationship. At that moment, their conversation is interrupted when David and his wife show up for dinner. Lacy pulls David’s wife aside to chat with her, while Lacy’s husband talks to David, asking him how his open relationship is going. David has nothing but good things to say about the arrangement that he has with his wife. Lacy’s husband thinks that sounds great, adding that he and Lacy haven’t had sex in SIX months. Maybe if Lacy was interested in a similar arrangement, it might help their spark come back. David suggests that he ask Lacy, but Lacy’s husband doesn’t think that’s a good idea, since he doesn’t want Lacy to think he’s unhappy. Lacy’s husband suggests that if David flirts with Lacy, he could flirt with David’s wife. David says he’ll do it on one condition – if Lacy is interested, THEY get to fuck. Lacy’s husband agrees. David then asks Lacy if she needs any help with dinner and they go into the kitchen together. Alone with Lacy, David gets flirty. Lacy is a little hesitant since she’s never been with anyone but her husband, but she is very attracted to David and can’t resist his charms for long. They come together for a steamy kiss. Seems like Lacy is liking David’s open marriage now!