Warm Memories – Zuzu Sweet & Mary Rock

Gorgeous blonde Mary Rock smiles to herself as she recalls a romantic walk through the snow with a former lover, Zuzu Sweet. As Sandra Shine’s hot lesbian movie “Warm Memories” begins, Mary types a passionate letter to Zuzu, pouring out her tender feelings. She remembers how they made love, and we see their beautiful bodies entwined as they kiss hungrily. Raven-haired Zuzu sucks Mary’s hard nipples, then offers her own soft breasts to her girlfriend’s mouth. She nuzzles Mary through her white cotton panties before tugging them aside and licking her pussy, making her gasp with arousal. Rubbing her clit and easing two fingers into her slick slot, Zuzu fingerbangs Mary to a breathless climax. She straddles Mary in a sixty-nine, rocking her pussy on her sweetheart’s tongue as she continues to finger and eat her voraciously. Mary trembles through an intense orgasm, and then another, the sticky sounds of her pleasure mingling with her blissful moans. They kiss their own flavor from each other’s lips, and then Mary resumes licking Zuzu’s pussy, driving her to an ecstatic climax.