Underarm hair – Erina

Short-haired Erina relaxes on the couch with her tube dress hugging her curves, and bends over with a bright smile to offer an upskirt peek at her knickers. As she happily gets undressed, her nipples are visible through her comfy bra, and she lowers the strap to reveal one perfect breast. Raising her hands over her head, she shows off a light sprinkle of armpit hair, then slips off her panties to proudly uncover her luxurious full bush and round bottom.

Erina brushes the soft curls decorating her pussy to make them nice and fluffy, then stands in the nude before a mirror, giving two enticing perspectives on her slender figure. Closing her eyes with her palms pressed together, she focuses on her breathing and prepares for some calming yoga stretches. She reclines on the floor and runs her fingers through her pubic hair, forming a picture of contentment, then gives a friendly wave goodbye.