Too Much Of A Good Thing – Moona Snake & Luna Truelove

Gorgeous Luna Truelove watches through the glass wall of the bathroom as cute Moona Snake takes a shower. As Andrej Lupin’s hot lesbian movie “Too Much Of A Good Thing” begins, Moona soaps up her sexy body, her nipples stiff and her skin glistening. The lovers masturbate for each other, until Asian beauty Luna can’t resist any longer, and joins Moona under the cascading water. Kissing her hungrily, Luna presses her girlfriend up against the glass and slides a hand between her thighs. They stumble to the bed, where Luna kisses her way down to Moona’s shaved pussy. She fingerbangs Moona skilfully as she sucks her clit, bringing her to peak after peak of pleasure. Moona pushes Luna onto her back, nuzzling her fluffy bush and licking her succulent pink folds. Luna rocks her hips up to meet Moona’s busy tongue and fingers, strumming her own clit until an intense orgasm sweeps through her trembling body. She rolls over and Moona continues fingering her pussy from behind as she licks her tight asshole. Luna kneels to ride her lover’s fingers, climaxing again before they collapse in each other’s arms, breathless and glowing with satisfaction.