The next level of relations – Candee Licious & Vivian Grace

Vivian Grace and her boyfriend have been arguing a lot lately and because of this they have problems in sex. So, they decide to invite the therapist Candee Licious to work through their problems. The sexual therapist Candee Licious knows how to help couples to take their relationship to the next level and immediately gets to work getting them to open up to her. Candee quickly notices the sexual tension between them so she tries exposing what’s beneath their constant quarrels. Candee asks Vivian and her boyfriend explore each other more intimately. After that the boyfriend feels how hard his cock is getting for his girlfriend, and Vivian feels an intense lust for her boyfriend. To ensure the best outcome, Candee joins them, pushing Vivian and her boyfriend’s boundaries to the limit. The therapy session soon turns into a hot threesome that finally patches up the relationship between Vivian and her boyfriend.