Sugarbaby Tryout – Fiona Sprouts

Fiona Sprouts loves Loves LOVES her Sugar daddies — and you’re about to be her next one! Here’s how it starts: you join one of those Sugar daddy sites and immediately find Fiona’s profile. You reach out. Of course Fiona’s interested, so you two arrange a date. Dinner somewhere. Fiona loves a nice, romantic dinner. After you two get to know each other over a bottle of red and, say, some Italian food, it’s back to your bachelor pad! You’re about to witness what happens next. Fiona’s “tryout”. Now, she’s not gonna fuck and suck…yet. Fiona’s not gonna blue ball ya, that’s for sure! And you’re going to get a little taste of Fiona’s sweet, tight, wet-pink cunt. Then, after you unload all over Fiona’s pretty face and she’s about to leave, your next date is set! “I have lotsa plans for us!” Fiona coos…and you know she’s ready to give it all up after her second date with her new daddy!