Space Junk Episode 4 – Jasmine Jae & Ava Austen

As the crew of The Truck and their new passengers look for a way to get Krieger the bounty hunter off their backs, they discover crooked cop Hudson (Danny D) has been negotiating with him on the downlow. Jaz (Ella Hughes) suggests a way to get a weapons upgrade, if they visit her old crew on Ocraxia. Dex (Xander Corvus) and Hudson are held up while pirate queen Crash (Jasmine Jae) invites Jaz to negotiate. Jaz will have to prove her loyalty by showing Crash’s new second-in-command, Red (Juan Lucho), her devotion, and after sucking his cock, Jaz and Crash both get their asses fucked! Meanwhile, Hudson and Dex learn firsthand just how the Ocraxians treat men as a sexy pirate (Ava Austen) demands they take turns eating her pussy till she’s satisfied.