Rubbing nipples together – Daniela D & Milana

Daniela and Milana exchange their cute glasses and give each other a vision test before making out. They strip off their shirts and excitedly rub their nipples together, the tingly sensation making Daniela giggle with delight as her braces shine. Milana removes Daniela’s skirt and slips one finger into her lacy panties, to stroke her fuzzy pubic hair. Then, she removes them completely and passionately sucks her clit, as Daniela gazes lustfully at Milana’s beautiful face between her legs, and cries out with pleasure.

When it’s Milana’s turn to be ravished, she opens her legs so Daniela can part her pink labia and plunge one finger deep inside. Milana whimpers and arches her back as she feels her climax coming, and both girls cuddle each other’s breasts at the same time. Then Daniela climbs on top, so they can slot their legs together and begin vigorously tribbing. They hold hands tight as their pussies melt together, building to blissful simultaneous orgasms. Deeply satisfied, Daniela and Milana throw their arms around each other and passionately kiss.