Pink Yoga Girl – Selena Love

Selana Love was heading to her Yoga class when this white van pulled up next to her. The Bang Bus crew were good at talking at quick at dropping easy cash for silly things. Quickly it escalated to $500 for flashing. That was easy money. In no time Selena was inside the bus and fully naked. There was unlimited money where the first couple of hundreds came from. Plus she liked big black dicks anyway. So she went form giving head to getting fucked. And Jay Bangher knew how to bang her. He was good at that super fast whole dick in and out. Selena was screaming in delight. When they were done she could barely walk. On top of that they left her with only one shoe. And now an extra $500 to hop on one leg outside of the bus? Easiest money ever. Well that white van sped off as soon as she was out with all the money still on board.