Outdoor Experience – Matty

Cute brunette Matty is on the prowl for some kinky outdoor action, dressed in a short jacket over a lace bodystocking. Garter belt-style cutaways leave her shaved pussy and hot ass exposed as she explores a ruined building, picking her way through the rubble on high platform heels.

On finding the ideal spot for some solo sex, she takes a blanket from her goody bag, spreads it on a concrete slab and sits with her thighs splayed. She tickles her small, natural breasts with a feather-tipped wand, teasing her nipples stiff. A mini suction pump leaves them even more swollen, so it’s easy to attach a pair of clamps tipped with tiny bells.

Matty’s manicured fingers home in on her oozing-wet pussy and she rubs her clit and butterfly lips. Next, blindfolded, she picks a sex toy from the selection she has brought along – and is thrilled when her hand is drawn to a large, cock-shaped vibrator. For a brief moment, she swats her thighs with a leather flogger – but her snatch is aching for attention, so she grabs the vibe again.

She grinds it in circles against her puffy folds, then plunges it inside, using it as a dildo. Biting her lip she screws herself hard and her nipple-bells jingle as she toys with the whip again, spanking her thighs and pussy. Then she gets on all fours to plow herself doggy-style, urged on by stinging strokes laid on her butt.

With the garter straps stretched tight against her glowing cheeks, Matty just keeps pumping the mock-cock, rolling on her back so she can whip her crotch. Moaning, she churns her juices to foam, then crams the shaft deep in her pussy to orgasm around it. Blissed out, she massages and flogs her tender slit, then tastes her cum off of the vibe. She removes the clamps, gasping as sensation rushes back into her nipples. Finally, she packs up her toys and leaves the scene…