Oktoberbreast – Joana Bliss

Oktoberfest 2021 was cancelled in Germany, but we can still get boob-drunk off Joana Bliss as an Oktoberbreast maiden. Joana gets a little overheated hauling steins of beer, so it’s time for the lovely brunette to cool off. Drop the beer and go bare, Joana.

We don’t know if Joana drinks beer herself. She studies yoga so she may be a teetotaler. She’s a vegetarian, too. Fellow Romanian Lana Ivans says that girls who eat a diet rich in corn can make their breasts bigger while Czech dancer Sophie Mae says that natural foods can help.

There’s also a theory that the hops in beer can make a girl’s tits bigger. Vanessa Y. talked about this. Whatever the facts are, there’s no disputing the stimulating effects of a busty beer maid or buxom bartender. You can get boob sloshed in no time! Drop your hops and show Joana some props.