Nurses & Doctors Masturbate Too

I was talking with Luz & Ivan to see what type of video we could film and the conversation naturally went back to her work at the hospital. I was asking specifically about her sex life and if she was ever able to have sex at work and her answer surprised me. It was quite the opposite of the sexy fantasy story I expected to hear. Throughout the past year, she has been pulling double shifts more often than not. Not only does she not have the luxury of having sex at work, sometimes she only has a few hours between her shifts. She gets home from one shift around 5:00 AM and tries not waking Ivan up so he can rest before work also. She comes home, sneaks into bed and when she can, finds something on her phone to turn her on and she masturbates while her husband is sleeping. She usually has to make it quick because she needs to get to sleep as soon as she can. I told Luz and Ivan I wanted to film exactly that. Nothing extra, just try and capture what their real life is like. I asked them go through their own routine they go through every week so I could document what a common sex life is like for busy Doctors and Nurses.