New Chapter – Geishakyd

After a screaming row with her partner, cute Geishakyd finds herself stranded at the side of the road. But as Andrej Lupin’s erotic movie “New Chapter” begins, the sassy blonde hitches a ride with Nick Moreno and her day takes an unexpected turn. Charmed by his hospitality, she settles into the guest room and soon makes herself at home, cooking a meal to thank him. His kind heart melts hers, and the attraction between them grows over the days that follow, until Geishakyd catches Nick naked in the bathroom. Acting on her feelings, she kisses him, and he responds with passion, taking her to bed and caressing her adoringly. He peels off her panties and eats her pussy, giving her a powerful orgasm, before penetrating her with slow intensity. Wrapped in each other’s arms, the new lovers move together, Nick’s thick cock making Geishakyd gasp and moan with each thrust. She rubs her clit as he holds her legs high and drives her to another climax; then he flips them so she’s on top and she rides sensuously, her petite body bouncing on his burly frame. Hips rocking and breasts jiggling, Geishakyd slides up and down Nick’s rigid cock vigorously, until they orgasm together, their happiness complete.