Missing Shoes – Kay Lovely & Mila Monet

Stealing is a big NO for housemates. However, you can’t stop yourself from stealing the beautiful shoes of your gorgeous blonde housemates, Kay Lovely and Mila Monet. You think the girls will never find out if they are missing a shoe or two. However, Kay values her personal things. She even installed a security camera in her room to catch the shoe thief. Kay quickly tells Mila that the camera in her room recorded the thief. With a piece of video evidence in Kay and Mila’s possession, the gorgeous hotties decide to confront you. You are chilling outdoors when the girls suddenly go to talk to you. They ask you different questions about their missing shoes and your foot fetish. After hearing about the dirty things you do to their shoes, Kay and Mila suddenly feel naughty. Their reaction is not what you expected.