Maxim-um Stamina! Maxim Malotov Goes 2 Rounds with Breezy Bri

Reality is something we try to bring to the porn scene and today’s feature is the proof! Maxim Malotov speaks almost no English, creating quite a challenge for the on-the-spot directing that we typically do on set. With limited options, the crew decided to wing it as things begin with some hot foreplay. Maxim, looking absolutely shredded, takes control as he whips out a FAT cock for Bri. Maxim is quick to the point and ready to fuck, skipping the blowjob and going right for the pussy! Our sex-star is absolutely smashing it when all of a sudden the language barrier hits and the reality unfolds. Lost in translation, Maxim didn’t know he needed to wait for a clear to cum and came way too early! Now we have a problem… Can he fuck more or is he gassed?!