Kaede Ooshiro and lover spend a day together in bed

Kaede Ooshiro and her lover spend a Saturday together. They watch movies and just enjoy the time off from work they have. Kaede is older than her lover, she enjoys younger men but sometimes worries they are a bit possessive and jealous. She loves a man who is younger for the strength of his cock and enjoys a man that can fuck her several times in an afternoon. She also loves older men for their maturity but a younger man with a hard cock is hard to beat. Her lover and her spend this Saturday just doing nothing at home. But Kaede receives a text from someone and her lover wants to know what it is about. She lets him know that there is a big project due at work and the entire office staff has to come in on Sunday to prepare for it. Her lover is suspicious of this and his mind starts to wander and he is afraid that the text that he also read saying, “Thanks for yesterday, I will see you on Sunday.” is really from someone she is cheating on him with. He confronts about this and asks her but she denies his accusations and tells him it really is just a work day and that the person who sent the text is just an office worker thanking her for her work yesterday in the office. Her lover is a bit upset and tells her he does not want her to cheat on him and he grabs her and kisses her and starts to unbutton her dress as now he is a bit jealous and wants her body. He removes her dress and starts to kiss her breasts and lick her nipples. Kaede gets turned on and he continues to lick his way down her body to her… GO watch the full video to enjoy what he does when he gets to her panties.