Jena LaRose (From Air Force To Anal) – BackroomCastingCouch

We got a hot and sexy lady for ya this week for our, “Producers.” It’s 27 year old Jena. Jena is fresh out of the US Air Force and looking to see what’s next for her. Well with that body, those looks, and a willingness to get fucked in the ass by strangers, I’d say porno could be what’s next for this sexy ass woman. She’s smokin’ man, this was such a great casting IMO. I know I mentioned it in the video, this is for sure a top 10 ass. We can’t forget about those gigantic mommy milkers too. Aye Yai Yai. When I meet Jena at the door those tits are already popping out, and they almost make a cameo while we’re doing the interview. I will say for as smoking hot as she is, she’s really down to earth and that makes her even hotter. Rick gets her out of that sexy dress, and we’re off to the races. She does a great job sucking, a great job fucking, and we get a the elusive anal creampie at the end. BUT, instead of gushing any harder this is one of those castings that just kinda speaks for itself, so sit back, relax, and bust a nut.