I Knew She Was Up To Something – Holly Day & Maya Woulfe

Maya Woulfe is sitting at the kitchen island, staring at her gorgeous girlfriend Holly Day as she gets ready to leave for her scheduled appointment. Maya’s feeling really horny, though… can’t Holly and her fool around for a bit before she goes? Holly is intrigued, but she really can’t miss the appointment! They’ll just charge her a cancellation fee if she does, and that would suck. But… Holly promises that when she gets back, she’ll put all of her attention on to Maya. Holly gives Maya a sweet kiss and then heads out the door. Now alone, Maya tries to distract herself but finds that she just can’t shake those sultry thoughts from her mind. She goes off to the bedroom, lays back on the bed, and pulls her panties down. Her pussy’s already soaked from all those nasty thoughts she was thinking, so she starts fapping away with delight as she lets her fantasies overtake her. Maya gets so lost in her arousal, however, that she doesn’t even hear Holly come back from her appointment. Holly pokes her head around the corner and spots Maya rubbing one out all over the bed sheets. Hiding behind a plant, Holly spies on her girlfriend with delight, until she eventually reveals herself. Maya’s embarrassed about getting caught, but then again… this is the perfect time for Holly to join in for some frisky fun. After all, Maya’s all warmed up for her… so what’s Holly waiting for?