Heating Up Episode 2 – Sata Jones, Ophelia Dust & Purr Simona

Gorgeous blonde Sata Jones arrives for a visit with her girlfriends, as episode two of Sandra Shine’s hot lesbian series “Heating Up” begins. She is welcomed by Ophelia Dust and Purr Simona, who leave her to get changed into her silk pajamas and go to bed while they make love in the other bedroom. Disturbed by the noises she hears, Sata peeps through the doorway, watching as cute Purr grinds her bare pussy on Ophelia’s face. Purr is startled when she spots Sata, but immediately invites her to join the fun. She squeezes Sata’s beautiful breasts, then leans back so her friend can join in eating her pussy. Ophelia and Sata kiss each other between licks, before switching position so Sata is straddling Ophelia’s skilful tongue while Purr rides her fingers. Purr and Sata fingerbang and eat Ophelia’s hairy pussy together, giving her a mind-blowing orgasm, and then another. Sata soon comes too, with Purr sucking her pierced nipples; then they turn their attention to Purr, ensuring she gets a powerful climax before they celebrate this new stage of their relationship with a threeway kiss.