Girth-God Casey Hill Stretches Out Innocent Pawg Georgia Rae

They say girth is what really matters and Casey Hill is packing! Georgia Rae had no clue what to expect from our first timer, but the thick piece he whipped out had her overwhelmed with surprise and excitement. She’s quick to put it as far into her mouth as she can, stretching her jaw as far as it will go. More than impressed by her skill and ready to show her what he can do, Casey warms her up with a little oral before going in for the fun. Mr. Hill goes full fuck mode, no breaks, as he uses the entire house for his pleasure. Georgia finds herself getting fucked on the couch, chairs and even against the back door! With the pressure building and the clear to cum, Casey almost fucks himself out of breath; Can Georgia get him back in the game and finish the job?!