Concept: My Dirty Uncle 2 – Aria Banks

What’s up, TeamSkeet fans? It’s time for a Labs update. This time, we’re reprising a concept for its second iteration. “My Dirty Uncle” was originally published on May 17th of 2023. The first Dirty Uncle scene gained a lot of attention and had a positive reception amongst fans, so we wanted to bring this one back and try pushing it a little further. In this episode, Donnie is a laidback guy who likes to spend his Sundays watching football and lazing about. But when he gets a call to show up for church, he knows he has to oblige. Wandering around the church, Donnie finds a room with a priest’s robe. In his twisted mind, using the robe to talk to churchgoers is something he’s always wanted to do. He stumbles upon Aria, who confesses her sins, which involve dirty thoughts – jackpot! Donnie has Aria hum a hymn on his cock to repent, and the more she sucks, the hornier she gets. Aria, who initially came to absolve herself of her dirty thoughts, now can’t wait to get the dick down from Donnie. They go to the closet, where Donnie fucks the young babe hard and fast. For an innocent girl, Aria sure knows how to ride a cock.