Concept: Hold The Moan 2 – Vivianne DeSilva & Callie Black

What’s up, TeamSkeet fans? We hope you’re ready for a new Labs update because we’re jumping back into “Hold the Moan!” This concept was a hit last time, so we’re excited to keep exploring it and seeing how to push the fantasy further. In this episode, Vivianne has a broken foot, and her daughter, Callie, is helping her recover. Vivianne’s boyfriend, Peter, comes by to surprise her and help Callie out. When Vivianne passes out, Callie decides she wants to put the moves on Peter. He is stunned, but he’d be lying if he said he hadn’t wanted to fuck his girlfriend’s daughter. Callie can’t believe how big Peter’s cock is and how good it feels inside of her. Callie rides Peter on the couch right next to Vivianne, who has her eyes and ears covered. Even so, Callie and Peter must be quiet so they aren’t caught.