Comfort Me – Lottie Magne & Olivia Sparkle

Cute girlfriends Lottie Magne and Olivia Sparkle sit down to watch a scary movie together, as Sandra Shine’s hot lesbian film “Comfort Me” begins. But adorable blonde Olivia soon gets scared and covers her eyes; Lottie takes pity and turns the movie off, consoling her sweetheart with tender kisses that rapidly grow passionate. She sucks Olivia’s nipples, making her squirm with arousal, then pulls down her shorts and licks her shaved pussy voraciously. Olivia has a powerful orgasm and is eager to reciprocate, using her pierced tongue to drive the petite redhead wild. She pushes Lottie onto the bed and devours her greedily, until her cries of pleasure reach a breathless crescendo. Now Olivia straddles Lottie’s face and rides to another climax, then spins around into a sixty-nine so they can lick in unison. Another orgasm for each of them is the perfect end to their exciting date night.