Case No. 6615417: The Passover Thief – Kiki Daire

Kiki comes from an orthodox family, and she has been having issues with fasting before her Passover dinner. Plus, she has to make it to the event in less than an hour and felt all stressed out, so she needed to unwind a little bit. Sadly, she chose to steal some food from the local mall and got caught in the act. As Officer Jack asks her what happened, she fills him in on all the details of her complicated last days. Jack tries to be understanding, but he also needs to be thorough, so he does a complete check. As Kiki has concealed food under her traditional attire, there’s not much she can do to get away with stealing. In an effort to help her relieve her stress and let her go free, Jack tells Kiki she can break her Passover fasting with his cock.